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Freeing healthcare teams to focus on what matters

Join our pursuit of transforming provider operations and providing the tools needed to offer patients more accessible and affordable care.

Please know that there is an increase in misleading job opportunities and individuals posing as employees of organizations. The only official email address domain used by Medallion is “,” and we are only recruiting for the positions listed below.

We're honored to be named to Glassdoor's Best Places to Work in 2024

The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards are based on the input of our employees who voluntarily provide feedback on Glassdoor, and we're proud of the team and culture we've built here at Medallion.

Get to know our team

  • 250+team members across the US.

  • 70employer net promoter score.

  • 300+organizations powered by Medallion.

  • 83%of team members are proud to work at Medallion.

Get to know your (future) teammates

At the core of our team, direct and honest communication is key. Here, your voice contributes to our shared journey, turning individual achievements into our collective success.



We aim to be enjoyable to work with: respectful, kind and caring of each other.

Transparent by default

Transparent by default

We default to transparency wherever possible. We believe that the more business context people have, the more effective they’ll be.



Ego is checked at the door. We recognize no one is perfect and there’s always room to improve. We create an inclusive environment for all. We aren’t tied to the status quo and always keep an open mind to new ideas and practices.

Give & receive feedback

Give & receive feedback

We value intellectual honesty and actively seek feedback from others to help us grow and deepen our understanding across the business. We aim to provide feedback directly to the individual and without waiting too long.

We live by our values

More than ideals — these values are the principles that direct every interaction, with each other and our customers. They transform our beliefs into actions, shaping the very way we operate daily.

Earn customer love: We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers in service of solving customer pain, anticipating customer needs, and making things our users want.

Bias for action: We move fast. We consistently ask the question “why not faster?”

Run through walls: We work hard and are relentless in getting things done (even if they seem undoable).

Intellectual rigor: We have a genuine curiosity in people, ideas, and the unknown. We work hard to understand other points of view, and recognize that investigating is more important than being right.

One team: We are energized by each other’s success and actively work to help each other win

Ownership mentality: We focus on long-term results and care deeply about the quality of our work. We act on behalf of the entire company, not just for ourselves. We create a culture of accountability.

Create clarity: It’s imperative that we communicate in a structured, concise and clear way. Big decisions have a written artifact. We encourage team members to speak up when things are not clear.

Ready to help free healthcare teams to focus on what matters?

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Please note: Medallion's only official email address domain is “,” and we are only recruiting for the positions listed below. If you have been contacted by any other email domain, completed a written interview, offered a position that’s not on our website, or received any other suspicious communication, please do not engage and review the resources available to you from the FTC at