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Effortless credentialing and enrollment to help you drive revenue faster

Put time back into your provider group with our powerful, quick-to-adapt software that makes it easy to complete provider operations on your terms.

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations daily

  • 69K+Providers on our platform.

  • 500K+Hours of administrative work saved.

  • 102K+Credentials, enrollments and licenses completed.

Generate revenue by accelerating your credentialing workflow

Create repeatable processes, reduce audit risks, lower turnaround times and costs, and more with credentialing automation. These automations generate error-free credentialing files in seconds and 10X faster revenue recognition.

Turn requests into enrollments in less time

Empower your operations, from onboarding to support, with technology that offers the best speed, accuracy, and transparency to meet patient demand.

Secure compliance with real-time data monitoring

Stay informed of provider eligibility with instant alerts tracking sanctions from SAM, OIG, Medicare Opt-Out, NPDB and more.

Free up provider task time by 250%

Medallion helps you increase retention and revenue with a real-time, transparent and understandable process, without the pain of building it yourself.

Automate repetitive tasks and get 80% of your time back