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Patient demand is outpacing the supply of providers. You need a fast and accurate credentialing product you can trust.

Burnout and turnover are rising among healthcare professionals, including credentialing teams who are increasingly overburdened by manual and exhaustive workflows. Medallion's “2024 State of Payer Enrollment and Credentialing” report reveals that 52% of credentialing teams rely entirely on manual processes, highlighting an urgent need for more streamlined and efficient credentialing methods.

To address these challenges and avoid further complications, a simplified approach to credentialing is essential — to alleviate much of the burden and get more providers credentialed safely and effectively to meet patient demand. 

Here's a guide to evaluating your credentialing product options, including an introduction to Medallion's innovative credentialing product, which promises speed and accuracy.

Evaluating your credentialing product options

Transparency, efficiency, and reliability in credentialing are paramount. When considering a new solution or taking a close look at your current one, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Speed and certification: Does the credentialing product offer an NCQA certified credentialing file in 30 seconds? Investigate any claims of doing "30-second credentialing" to understand the process scope.
  • Quality assurance (QA) processes: Effective QA processes are crucial as they ensure the accuracy of credential verification, reflecting on your organization's compliance and provider satisfaction. Asking the question “Do you have automation and human checkpoints in place, and can you walk us through exactly what that looks like?” will help you dig deeper.
  • Integration and usability: The best credentialing product offers seamless integration with your current systems. Finding out whether you would be working with a company that’s acquired several others will play a part in understanding what your workflow efficiency would be like and help you avoid any unnecessary need for extensive training or overhaul.
  • Future-readiness: A look at the product roadmap or asking “How recently has your platform been updated and how much do you invest in user experience?” can provide insights into the solution's adaptability and future enhancements.
  • Setup and implementation complexity: One of the most important questions to consider when vetting a credentialing product is “How complicated is this to set up and how long will it take to be full up and running?” because the ease and timeline for setup and full operation are significant factors, as they impact the solution's immediate effectiveness and long-term viability.

Credentialing with Medallion: speed and accuracy

Medallion's credentialing product automates the majority of the credentialing process, significantly reducing manual input and the potential for errors. This automation ensures a streamlined process, and offers you an NCQA-compliant credentialing file that’s ready for committee review in just about one day.

See why Medallion drives quality credentialing results by going beyond ‘instant’

Medallion's unique approach combines speed with meticulous attention to quality, ensuring each step of the credentialing process is accurate and complies with industry standards:

  • QA technology to ensure primary source documentation matches the data in the provider profile.
  • Platform built to enforce NCQA requirements, tracking and flagging missing elements with supervision to ensure accuracy throughout.
  • Supervised automation with operational checkpoints in place throughout each step of the file generation process to ensure accuracy and superior quality for your organization.
  • Move providers through onboarding faster with CAQH integration, FSMB integration, resume scan to import data, and built-in requirements configured by product type and state. 
  • Get accurate verification results from DEA, SAM, OIG, Medicare Opt Opt and more in seconds with automation.
  • Manage it all end to end from onboarding through committee management, including voting and creating a single record of decisions — all with a platform that won’t leave you hanging before or after. 

Medallion offers more than just a fast credentialing product; it provides a solution that enhances the entire lifecycle of credentialing across all stages of your company's growth. With features like CAQH and FSMB integration, automated data importation, and comprehensive verification results, Medallion streamlines credentialing without compromising on speed or accuracy. Try Medallion today for a credentialing product that supports your needs now and as you grow.