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Curai Health scales their credentialing with Medallion

Curai Health is harnessing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help patients get the right information to doctors. This helps improve diagnostic outcomes and make the doctors more efficient. Patients are able to build lifelong primary care relationships with Curai because they can access their care team anytime—day or night—via Curai's mobile and desktop chat platforms.

The Problem

Before Medallion, Curai attempted to solve credentialing through a combination of spreadsheets, their internal operations team, and a small external consulting firm. But with plans to expand, their team needed to find a more scalable, efficient solution.

The Solution

To evaluate Medallion against other tools, Curai assembled a small internal working group. When compared to their existing process, the Medallion platform stood out as a viable solution because

  1. All credentials are stored in a single place
  2. They could scale with a growing provider team
  3. It supported Curai's specific workflow

When compared to competitors, Medallion proved to be the best single solution for both credentialing and licensing. Curai knew that in order to continue launching in new states, Medallion was the right solution to help them efficiently grow.

Curai knew that in order to continue launching in new states, Medallion was the right solution to help them efficiently grow.

The Impact

As an actively growing telemedicine practice with an expanding provider team, Curai Health must ensure that its providers are properly credentialed before they can see patients. This means running a rigorous credentialing process that includes compliance measures such as background checks and primary source verification of medical licenses as well as DEA registration and board certification.

Curai's credentialing committee must sign off on each provider to ensure that these protocols are followed. Medallion's credentialing committee feature solves this need, so the operations team can notify the committee of providers that are ready to be approved, and these approvals can then be recorded directly within Medallion.

We’re really excited that Medallion has streamlined our credentialing process. Our credentialing committee now has a digital record of approvals that’s easily accessible.
Jared Simon, President, Curai
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