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Equip Health launches operations in 47 states over 9 months with Medallion

9 months to launch operations in 47 states.

1 central platform to manage provider operations.

⏱︎ decreased time spent managing provider data.

The challenge

Using dozens of spreadsheets to keep track of all the moving parts that go into keeping their providers licensed became difficult as the organization expanded its services.

The solution

Equip found a single source of truth and central platform to manage their provider data and operational processes with Medallion.

About Equip

Equip is transforming the eating disorder treatment landscape. Operating in all 50 states, their mission is to make sure everyone with an eating disorder has access to eating disorder treatment that works.

Eating disorders are the second deadliest mental health illness, and Equip takes their provider operations seriously to ensure they’re taking care of everything perfectly.

Where they were before

Prior to Medallion, Equip's team leaned on dozens of spreadsheets to keep track of all the moving parts that go into keeping their providers licensed—and it was then—when they knew a change was needed.

By moving data into Medallion we have one central place. The Medallion platform is the home where our providers go to see their to-do list. It’s the home where our operations team goes to make sure we have enough people licensed in each state. And it’s the way that we keep patients safe.”

— Erin Parks, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Chief Clinical Officer at Equip

A look at their success:

Streamlining provider data management enables faster operational speed

When Equip first partnered with Medallion, the team was only in three states with big ambitions. Because of the Medallion partnership, they were in all 50 states within nine months. “We could not have taken the operational or service level lift of getting people licensed in multiple states on our own,” states Dr. Parks.

Leveraging notifications and alerts continue to eliminates costly pitfalls

One of Equip’s favorite features of Medallion is the automated task reminders and notifications which helps them avoid them having to pay any late fees for their hundreds of providers.

Diversifying Equip’s provider base to meet evolving patient needs

Eating disorders affect up to five million people in the U.S., and they affect all races, ethnicities, body sizes, and ages equally. In 2024, Equip will look to boost its provider workforce to help fulfill its mission of ensuring everyone with an eating disorder has access to treatment that works. "And to bring all those new people on, we need Medallion. The strong partnership will allow us to bring all those providers on board," says Dr. Parks.

Medallion tracks our data and ensures we’re compliant with all requirements—it has allowed us to score over 95% on all credentialing audits.”

Dr. Parks.

Equip's advice for other companies when it comes to managing provider data?

Dr. Parks says, “My suggestion is invest in your providers by investing in Medallion.”

Ready to free yourself from spreadsheets and complicated workflows?