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Medallion Announces Launch of Accurate One-Day Credentialing Solution

Accurate, One-Day Credentialing Expedites the Credentialing Process without Sacrificing Quality

San Francisco, CA (February 22, 2024) — Medallion, the leader in end-to-end credentialing and provider network management solutions, announced its one-day credentialing solution for healthcare organizations that accurately and quickly transforms the credentialing process. 

“Medallion’s one-day credentialing solution is transforming the healthcare industry as we know it,” said Caitie Barrett, Senior Director of Credentialing at Medallion. “Our customers used to spend more than four hours per provider to run manual primary source verifications. Now, Medallion can complete those PSVs instantly and at a nearly 100% accuracy rate. Credentialing is a critical part of patient safety. We’ve seen far too many times organizations attempt to be the fastest and, as a result, sacrifice accuracy. Now’s the time we move past just speed and toward a credentialing gold standard of speed and accuracy, which is exactly what Medallion offers.”

Medallion’s one-day credentialing solution seamlessly integrates into its provider data management platform. It offers unparalleled automation that drastically reduces the credentialing turnaround time while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy, including:

  • Instant Primary Source Verifications (PSVs): Gives automatic results and flags non-compliant providers with as few as five provider data points.
  • Automated Quality Assurance (QA): Reviews all PSV evidence to ensure it accurately matches a provider’s profile. 
  • NCQA Compliance: Built to enforce all NCQA requirements and track and flag missing elements such as data and verifications. 

“The launch of our one-day credentialing solution is critical for not only the 330+ healthcare organizations we support but also the broader healthcare industry,” said Derek Lo, CEO and Founder of Medallion. “Medallion remains committed to removing barriers that healthcare organizations face in providing high-quality and accessible care. Our one-day credentialing solution is unlike others in the market. Credentialing aims to ensure providers are qualified and in good standing – that’s what auditors and patients care about. While others in the market are hyper-focused on speed, we’ve been able to pair that speed with accuracy to create an unrivaled credentialing solution for our customers.”

Learn more about Medallion’s credentialing solution here.

About Medallion

Medallion is the leading provider network management platform that unites provider operations and empowers end-to-end automation workflows for credentialing, enrollment, and monitoring. We free healthcare teams to focus on what matters by enabling healthcare organizations to quickly and accurately manage and grow their provider networks with our AI-powered automation technology. By automating burdensome administration workflows, we enable operations teams to better manage their provider networks, deliver superior care, speed up revenue paths, and elevate provider satisfaction levels. To learn more about Medallion, visit