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Move faster with the #1 NCQA-certified platform

Credentialing providers with speed is expected. Accuracy and simplicity is what sets us apart.

Medallion works with hundreds of

Expedite the credentialing process without sacrificing quality

  • 80%Boost in turnaround times and completions.

  • 3.5xFaster than other CVOs, on average.

  • 0.8Median SLA/turnaround day.


Onboard with precision and unlock revenue faster

Get faster provider onboarding with minimal lift. Kick-off provider credentialing with only 5 pieces of provider data using our open API or direct CAQH integration.

Credentialing workflows

Eliminate problems caused by separate workflows

Streamline your credentialing workflow from onboarding to committee approvals with one user-friendly platform. Plus, automated quality assurance reviews all PSV evidence to ensure it accurately matches a provider’s profile.


Get expanded analytics and reporting capabilities

Build, schedule and export custom reports in just a few clicks and get the data you need with our improved analytics and ongoing monitoring dashboards.


Get notified before your providers’ credentials expire

Track credential expiration dates, receive advance notifications, and automatically complete re-credentials to keep you ahead of risk.

Fix broken credentialing committee workflows

Manage your entire committee process on one platform that enables members to read files, review sanctions and log their votes.

Verify thousands of primary source verifications instantly

Automatically run all standard NCQA primary source verifications and get results in seconds, all while retaining visibility and control over your data.

Eliminate regulatory compliance risk

Build, access and download accurate NCQA-compliant credentialing files instantly with Medallion's one-day credentialing solution.

In order to continue launching in new states, Medallion was the right solution to help us efficiently grow.

Curai Health Team

Medallion's platform is very intuitive, and we have very few providers reaching out asking for help.

Matthew Ortiz Vice President of Payor Strategy and Relations

I would recommend Medallion to anyone in clinical operations.

Irina Shtemler Clinical Network Operations Lead

Start credentialing providers 3.5x faster today