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3 techniques that make credentialing teams successful

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, operations teams are often bogged down with administrative tasks, especially in provider onboarding and credentialing.

It's time to change that narrative.

Here are three no-nonsense strategies that can radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these teams.

1. Embrace credentialing automation – It's a no-brainer

Let's face it: manual credentialing is a relic of the past. It's slow, error-prone, and frankly, a waste of your team's talents. Credentialing automation is not just a fancy tool or phrase; it's a necessity.

The numbers speak for themselves: research projects the healthcare automation market to hit $58.98 billion by 2025. Why? Because it works.

Automation slashes credentialing processing times and reduces time spent on administrative tasks by 78%.

That's over half the time your team could use to focus on what really matters – improving patient care and operational strategy.

2. Invest in credentialing software – your accuracy and compliance lifesaver

Think of credentialing software as your team's central hub for accuracy and compliance. It's not just about storing data; it's about making that data work for you.

It keeps track of everything – expiring credentials, regulatory changes, you name it. This isn't just about staying organized; it's about staying ahead of the curve and avoiding costly compliance pitfalls.

3. Go all-in on automated credentialing workflows – it’s the future

Automated credentialing isn't just about the initial setup; it's about maintaining momentum. It's about ensuring your providers are always ready to deliver top-notch care without getting tangled in red tape.

The CAQH Index highlighted a potential annual saving of $2.1 billion for the U.S. healthcare industry through automated provider data management. What does this look like in practice? 

Depending on the organization, automation can take on many different forms. At Medallion, automation is integrated into every aspect of the credentialing process.

Medallion can securely import provider profile information such as date of birth, work history, malpractice insurance, education history, and more directly from CAQH.

This faster workflow speeds up and streamlines profile completion, ensuring that the profiles are not only completed but also completed accurately and compliantly to meet regulatory compliance bodies like NCQA standards for delivering safe and high-quality care.

Plus, it helps providers spend less time onboarding and get closer to seeing patients.

Primary source verification automation is another area that offers huge time savings. With Medallion, you can run thousands of PSVs from state licenses, DEA, SAM, board certifications, and more in seconds and opt to manage the rest by hand. 

Imagine streamlining not just credentialing, but also enrollment processes. Faster provider network inclusion means quicker patient access to care – and in healthcare, speed can make all the difference.

Moving into the credentialing automation age

It's time for healthcare operations teams to step into the future. Credentialing automation, credentialing software, and automated credentialing practices are not just tools; they're game-changers. They free up your team to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional care and driving operational excellence.

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, staying ahead means staying automated. Find out more about Medallion’s AI-powered platform and credentialing products here.