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Credentialing automation: Win back time & stop revenue leaks

Not long ago, healthcare operations were deeply entangled in paper-based, manual processes.

Today, we've stepped into a post-paper age. Digital advancements like remote patient monitoring and AI-enhanced medical systems are becoming the norm. 

Healthcare is embracing this shift, yet one area still clings to the past: provider credentialing. 

Burdened with excessive paperwork and outdated methods, provider credentialing stands in stark contrast to the Industry's overall progress.

Credentialing automation, however, offers a promising solution, steering away from these time-consuming, inefficient practices toward a more streamlined future.

What's credentialing automation?

Credentialing automation is a way to make the credentialing process faster. It makes it easier to check and confirm healthcare providers' credentials.

It gets rid of the need for manual paperwork and processes that take a lot of work, which means things can be done faster.

It simplifies the process for new providers to join, ensure compliance with industry regulations.

With automation, credentialing no longer needs to be an old-school, drag-your-feet affair.

This technology is becoming very important because it saves time, reduces mistakes, and helps healthcare organizations create more revenue opportunities.

Here's how it works:

  • Medallion automates most NCQA-standard verifications needed for a credentialing file, significantly reducing turnaround times. You can run hundreds of PSVs in an instant and manage the rest by hand in Medallion’s platform.
  • Medallion works with CAQH and FSMB. This direct integration makes it easier to add provider data to a profile automatically. In turn, it helps providers complete their profiles more quickly and get credentialed faster.
  • Medallion also generates files automatically and manages the committee workflow process to drive faster reviews and approvals through automation.
  • All in all, organizations can use one platform to manage the credentialing process from end-to-end.

What are the benefits of credentialing automation?

The benefits of credentialing automation are wide-reaching. From offering complete visibility over the provider operations workflow to shortening the credentialing cycle, leading to more enrollments and revenue opportunities.

Operations teams are starting to understand the importance of credentialing automation software — this market is currently worth a huge $2.63 billion, and it is expected to grow even further to reach $6.47 billion by2032.

When used correctly, credentialing automation becomes the ace up your sleeve because it unlocks new opportunities:

Offers burden-proof provider onboarding

Automated onboarding tasks lead to improved efficiency. With the use of software, providers can track and manage their to-dos, reducing the time and effort on their end.

Speeds up primary source verifications

Automation in healthcare provider credentialing means you can run hundreds of PSVs in an instant.

Ends compliance risks

Automated data entry reduces the risk of errors, which can lead to costly penalties and delays. Using the right credentialing software also makes it painless to generate downloadable NCQA-compliant credentialing files automatically.

Medallion’s intuitive user interface makes it painless to generate downloadable NCQA-compliant credentialing files and expedite committee workflows for providers automatically through automation.

Who needs credentialing automation?

by Damian Zaleski (

Many healthcare organizations are still struggling with using credentialing automation, even though the healthcare industry is changing.

Credentialing automation is helpful for different groups in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, providers and medical practices can benefit greatly from it.

It also helps health plans and regulatory bodies ensure that healthcare providers are properly qualified.

Using credentialing automation in the provider operations workflow

With Medallion's credentialing automation solution you can operate 78% faster:

Seamless provider onboarding with our CAQH integration.

Automate hundreds of PSVs and manage other verifications manually within the platform.

Generate downloadable NCQA-compliant credentialing files automatically.

Automate committee workflows to drive faster reviews and approvals.

Track re-credentialing dates to queue providers for next review.

Outpace the competition with Medallion

Credentialing automation software helps organizations manage the credentialing processes more efficiently.

This way, they can grow revenue and spend more time focused on delivering exceptional patient care.

Curious to learn more? Get a demo of Medallion and discover how to come out ahead in credentialing every time.