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Headspace reduces time spent on credentialing by 60% with Medallion

95% score received on all credentialing audits.

60% less time spent credentialing providers.

⏱︎ decreased time spent submitting applications.

The challenge

Trying to manage and keep track of their provider data, credentialing and licensing processes became difficult as their provider network proliferated.

The solution

Headspace found a single source of truth for their provider data and operational processes with Medallion. The partnership has reduced the healthcare team's time spent on credentialing by 60%.

About Headspace

Headspace’s mission is to provide every person with access to lifelong mental health support. Headspace operates in all 50 states, and has 100M app downloads globally. It has about 1,000 employees, and some provider types include therapists and psychiatrists.

Where they were before

Before Medallion, their provider network was undergoing rapid growth. Thinking about how to scale their credentialing and licensing was at the top of their minds. They tried to keep track of it all using multiple data sources manually, and the team spent a lot of their time reconciling information from those sources since they needed a single source of truth.

They knew a change was needed when they recognized they needed to credential and license their providers more quickly to scale to enable faster access to in-network care for their members.

A look at their success:

How Headspace’s partnership with Medallion reduces time spent on credentialing by 60%

They now operate with a single source of truth

With Medallion onboard, Headspace now has one place for their data and a platform for streamlined credentialing, payer enrollment and licensing. As soon as a provider onboards, Medallion takes over and completes any task needed for the provider to be credentialed and licensed.

A streamlined process has also doubled their licensing request submissions

Headspace has doubled the number of licensing requests they’ve been able to submit each year. Medallion identifies any missing areas in the application, so a clinician simply needs to review, sign off and complete any required areas.

And they can more accurately forecast their growth plans

A feature Headspace loves is Medallion’s provider data reports and the ability to pull custom data when needed. Provider data reports allow them to take a closer look into each state and each health plan to identify where they need to continue to grow.

Medallion tracks our data and ensures we’re compliant with all requirements—it has allowed us to score over 95% on all credentialing audits.”

—Katie Dave, Director of Partner Operations at Headspace

When did Headspace know Medallion was working?

“I knew Medallion was working when our team was spending less time on administrative tasks like completing applications or reconciling data manually,” says Katie.

Ready to free yourself from spreadsheets and complicated workflows?