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An easier operation starts with Medallion

Our solutions and expertise make it faster, easier and less expensive to manage provider licensing, credentialing and everything in between.


Trusted by leading healthcare organizations daily

  • 14K+Providers on our platform

  • 250K+Hours of administrative work saved

  • 43K+Licenses, enrollments and credentials completed

Licensing & continuing education tracking

Manage provider licensing with ease

Accelerate expansion and manage renewals with a streamlined process and built-in automation.
Payer contracting & enrollment

Get contracted and providers in-network faster

Realize revenue faster, acquire the best contracts and experience faster enrollments for your organization end-to-end.

Credential providers in a matter of days, not weeks

Spend less time credentialing providers with automated PSVs, streamlined committees and one-touch reporting.
Ongoing Monitoring

Protect your organization and your patients

Reduce risk with around-the-clock monitoring and get alerts any time a provider’s ability to deliver care may be compromised.
Platform & technology

Modernize your provider operations

Bring all of your provider data — not just pieces of it — into one secure platform.

Start simplifying and uniting every part of your provider operations