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CertifyOS vs Medallion

Choosing the right platform to manage your provider data can be a game-changer. This page compares two provider network data platforms — Medallion and CertifyOS — to help you choose the solution that’s right for you and your organization.

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Medallion supports your organization's growth.

CertifyOS and Medallion support provider network operations, but their designs affect adoption and ease of use. Learn the differences to select the best platform for managing your provider network.

Medallion centralizes provider data management, licensing, CE tracking, payer enrollment, contracting, credentialing and ongoing monitoring in an all-in-one platform, while CertifyOS offerings may be managed in a myriad of ways.

“I just know that the functionality that you guys offer on the platform looks a lot cleaner than CertifyOS.”

— A director of business development at a virtual care organization

Medallion offers unmatched control, automation, and adaptability

With Medallion, you get an all-in-one solution rooted in control for your administrators, real-time visibility into every step of the process and adaptability to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. While features like automated primary source verification and credentialing exist, CertifyOS may lack holistic provider operations with data-sharing over email.

Medallion is more than just a credentialing platform

Medallion integrates the entire provider lifecycle, including licensing, credentialing, enrollment and compliance monitoring, all into one platform. With CertifyOS, essential features like centralized provider communication, cross-state licensing, and payer enrollment may operate off-platform.

Medallion streamlines efficiency

Medallion optimizes operations with automated data exchanges between our platform and your systems. With direct APIs and smooth CAQH integration, we guarantee seamless data transitions. Whereas CertifyOS may lead to difficult workflows, incomplete data and manual labor for providers.

"We got scared off by CertifyOS. It was just awful."

— A director of revenue at a telehealth organization

Medallion thrives in execution

Medallion's team prioritizes effective resolutions, collaboration and creativity. When it comes to delivery and performance, Medallion doesn't just compete — we lead.

Medallion offers a native integration with Salesforce

Medallion offers a native Salesforce integration that automates credentialing and verifications directly within Salesforce. While CertifyOS offers a Salesforce integration, customers may still need to facilitate manual updates, risking inefficiencies and mistakes.

Medallion is shaping tomorrow’s provider operations

Medallion stays at the forefront of healthcare advancements. Our adaptive platform not only addresses current needs but also anticipates future challenges, ensuring you're always a step ahead. CertifyOS may struggle with adjusting to growth and evolving industry demands.

**Disclaimer: The comparison on this page is based on information available and accurate as of the date of publication. However, business models, features, capabilities and offerings are subject to change over time.

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