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Symplr vs Medallion

Choosing the right platform to manage your provider data can be a game-changer. This page compares two provider network data platforms — Medallion and Symplr — to help you choose the solution that’s right for you and your organization.

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“Your pricing looks in line with Symplr. I mean, I'll pay $50 more to not have to deal with some of the BS I have been dealing with.”

— A leader at an urgent care facility

Symplr feels clunky

With nearly a decade in the field and multiple acquisitions, Symplr shows signs of age and lacks a focus on modern innovation for administrators and providers.

Medallion prioritizes the user experience

We offer unmatched design, usability and flexibility for both providers and administrative teams. With Medallion, you get an all-in-one solution ensuring operations align seamlessly with your CRM and workflows.

Symplr struggles to keep up

Despite its longevity and acquisitions, Symplr lags in innovation or growing with their customers, leaning heavily toward antiquated solutions.

Medallion works for every part of your provider operations, at any size

Medallion supports the entire provider-patient journey, integrating essential features into a user-friendly platform tailored to your needs. Our platform powers everything from licensing, credentialing to payer enrollment and more.

Symplr's integrations are slow and feel patchy

Their toolset, influenced by numerous acquisitions and add-on modules, results in disjointed workflows and clunky third-party integrations.

Medallion optimizes for seamless integration

Our platform ensures automated, seamless data transitions between systems, simplifying complex workflows and catering to specific payer requirements.

“Symplr has been very unsuccessful with hospital applications. We tried outsourcing and it just tanked very quickly.”

— A director of credentialing at a digestive health organization

Symplr feels like a solo journey

Long setup times of six to nine months, coupled with significant customer support concerns and additional training fees, can impede smooth adoption — and customers feeling heard. 

Medallion commits to excellence

Our team emphasizes resolution, collaboration and innovation. With Medallion, you're always prioritized, with support at every step, ensuring top-tier performance and delivery.

Symplr lags in adaptability

Symplr struggles to adjust to growth and evolving industry demands. With less agile processes, they often add extra steps, hindering efficient operations.

Medallion is shaping tomorrow’s healthcare operations

Staying ahead of industry curves, Medallion's platform grows with you, adapting to both present and future needs, ensuring continuous operational excellence.

“I’ve had communication problems with Symplr already because they’re siloed.”

—A director of revenue cycle management at a fertility clinic

Medallion + Salesforce integration

Medallion’s reliable and powerful integration with Salesforce makes pre-employment verifications and ongoing credential monitoring stress-free for healthcare organizations of all sizes. No technical setup required. This makes it possible to use both platforms seamlessly. Learn more about our integration below.

**Disclaimer: The comparison on this page is based on information available and accurate as of the date of publication. However, business models, features, capabilities and offerings are subject to change over time.

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