Case Study - Remission Medical

Remission Medical launches with the help of Medallion

Remission Medical is reimagining how Americans across the nation can access rheumatology care—an underserved sector of healthcare where patients require long-term solutions. As a start-up with a small, but growing network of virtual providers, Remission Medical is set to be the first solution of its kind.

Once thought impossible, Remission Medical is proof that individuals struggling with autoimmune disorders can find quality care from the comfort of their own home. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of this disruptive concept as it proved people could get the care they need when they need it, wherever they are.

The Problem

Founder and CEO Blake Wehman knew this struggle all too well. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in college, Wehman experienced the broken and antiquated system that restricted his access to timely, quality care. The inflexibility of the existing healthcare system made it impossible to maintain care with providers.

After moving multiple times, and having to find new providers each time, he knew something had to change. Remission Medical’s virtual approach to rheumatology is disrupting a key sector in healthcare that can fundamentally change long-term care for people with autoimmune disorders.

Determined to create an environment of interdisciplinary care for patients, Remission Medical brought on five providers committed to a virtual-first approach, including three rheumatologists, one urgent care doctor, and a behavioral health therapist.

However, these providers were limited in what states they could practice in, and Wehman knew this would slow Remission Medical’s growth and adoption. And to succeed in his mission to provide higher quality, more comfortable care to patients, he knew these providers needed to get licensed in additional states.

“I knew that if I opted to go with another solution now, I’d want to switch to Medallion in one or two years. Imagine all that time wasted and having to start over from scratch. The least expensive option is not always the best option.” - Blake Wehman, Founder & CEO, Remission Medical

The Solution

Wehman began looking at partners who could own the licensing workflow for his providers. In his search, he considered multiple companies in the licensing space, but Medallion was “by far, leaps and bounds, the most trustworthy choice.”

At one point during his evaluation, Wehman was intrigued by a competing solution with a lower price point. But after an in-depth conversion with Medallion’s Director of Payor Enrollment, Wehman knew Medallion was the better solution—not only because of the platform itself, but also the intellectual expertise the team had.

Plus, with built-in flexibility and real-time intelligence, Medallion would allow Remission Medical to linearly scale over the next one and a half years with minimal involvement—freeing Wehman up to focus on other parts of the business.

“Even though Medallion wasn’t the cheapest option, it was the only all-in-one digital platform that offered the visibility and transparency a busy founder needs.” - Blake Wehman, Founder & CEO, Remission Medical

The Impact

With a trustworthy, time-saving solution like Medallion, Wehman is now ready to formally launch Remission Medical to patients. Now that he has a trusted partner for licensing and payor enrollment, Wehman can truly focus on growing his business.

Medallion has saved Wehman significant time and resources because he did not have to hire an in-house expert—something that would have cost him at least 10x the cost of Medallion and dozens of hours of his time.

Additionally, he doesn’t have to worry about provider onboarding or operations as that’s entirely managed by Medallion. Both of these combined made Medallion “the easiest business decision” he had made.

Medallion saved us significant time and resources because we didn’t have to hire an in-house expert—something that would've cost us at least 10x the cost of Medallion and dozens of hours of my time.
Blake Wehman, Founder and CEO, Remission Medical
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