Case Study - Therapy Center of NY

Therapy Center of New York achieves a 10-15% increase in administrative team efficiency

Therapy Center of New York is a private practice group with more than 35 psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. It offers in-office, telemedicine, and telehealth options for various diagnostic, therapy, and counseling services for adults, families, and children.

The Problem

Enrolling providers with payers is not synonymous with speed. Between sourcing provider details, submitting and tracking applications, and frequent follow-through, it's draining on time and staff. For context, it takes 90 to 120 days to complete the process.

As an established private provider group on a mission to scale its business and provide exceptional patient care, The Therapy Center of New York is familiar with this slow and outdated process. As their growth and recruiting efforts accelerated and they hired more part- time providers, it quickly became apparent they were spending more time on administrative tasks and less time delivering patient care.

The Therapy Center of New York explored various tech solutions for payer enrollment and network management support but found options that wouldn't enable them to expand their business or lacked transparency in each step. They turned to Medallion to adopt a more reliable, responsive approach. One that allows them to enroll providers at scale, consolidate and track provider data, reduce administrative burdens, and free up more time for their providers to spend with their patients.

“We used to manage the process for three to four doctors per year. The moment of stress came when we signed 10-14 new provider contracts in a short period. We knew one person juggling enrollments and license applications was not scalable.” - Raj Inamdar, Director (MSO Affiliate) of Therapy Center of New York

The Solution

Medallion enabled the Therapy Center of New York to enroll, track, manage, and monitor their provider data in one easy-to-use platform.

Raj Inamdar, Director (MSO Affiliate) of Therapy Center of New York, says, “Before Medallion, we looked at competitors, but their inability to help our business scale and lack of data transparency stopped us from moving forward. We partnered with Medallion for several reasons. The data management and quality of the dashboard from a user experience are better, the platform allows us to access and track information faster and with ease, and the team of Medallion’s credentialing experts is unrivaled."

“Without Medallion, we would have had to hire another person. Medallion frees up 10-15% of our team's time, and importantly, our providers truly have the time to focus on their patients.” - Raj Inamdar, Director (MSO Affiliate) of Therapy Center of New York

The Impact

The Therapy Center of New York has seen immediate performance and organizational gains with Medallion. Medallion's team of payer enrollment experts takes the stress out of enrollment by handling the entire process, including requesting information from providers, submission of enrollment applications, and ongoing follow-up to payers for status updates.

The platform infrastructure and dashboard make it easy for the Therapy Center of New York staff to have greater visibility into enrollment statuses and to keep up with the various requirements through alerts and notifications of incomplete provider profiles, additional information required by a payer, timelines, and deadlines.

"Now we have a streamlined process to access provider data, track every step of the enrollment process, and it is much more transparent for the providers–there are no unknowns, and everything is in its place. Medallion is the best cloud software we've had by far,” says Raj.

We have a myriad of providers, which makes things more complicated. Medallion's persistence breaks through the stonewall of insurance.
Medallion saved us significant time and resources because we didn’t have to hire an in-house expert—something that would've cost us at least 10x the cost of Medallion and dozens of hours of my time.
Raj Inamdar, Director (MSO Affiliate) of Therapy Center of New York
Raj Inamdar
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