The fastest way to onboard new providers. NCQA-certified.

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End-to-end Credentialing
From onboarding through recredentialing, use Medallion’s CVO module to spend less time credentialing new providers and get faster results.
Primary Source Verifications
Medallion complies with every NCQA standard for CVOs.
Ongoing monitoring
Get peace of mind with around-the-clock monitoring and automated notifications.
Streamlined Committee Process
Run your entire credentialing committee process from within the Medallion platform.
Automated Verifications
Medallion integrates directly with primary sources (FSMB, NPDB, OIG, SAM, NPPES, and hundreds more) to automatically verify and monitor provider credentials.
NCQA Certified
Medallion is NCQA certified for every CVO standard for doctors, nurses, therapists, and many other provider types.
Streamlined Committees
Triage providers, run credentialing meetings, and record results all within the Medallion platform.
One-touch Reporting
Automatically generate credentialing files, download rosters, and export data to meet all your auditing and reporting needs.
Automate your admin.
Medallion lets you effortlessly manage your provider data, acquire new licenses, and automate credentialing. All in one modern platform.
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