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Skintap launches in 15 states with the help of Medallion

3providers required multi-state licensure

<4months to get provider licenses

15+states with operations

The challenge

Skintap's Co-founder William Giandoni was focused on building the foundation of his business — the infrastructure, business logistics, hiring of dermatologists, and building an EMR from scratch. But in order to launch and scale Skintap, he had to build a network of dermatologists who could see patients across the United States.

The impact

Skintap was able to get their three providers licensed in over 15 states in less than four months — without the headache and well before their launch date.

About Skintap

After spending years developing personalized skincare solutions for thousands of patients in private practice, Skintap launched in the fall of 2021 with the mission to provide the highest quality virtual dermatology care. By providing patients with access to top-rated, board certified dermatologists from the comfort of their home at a similar cost as their copay, Skintap is leading a new era in skincare and providing patients with a better model of care.

Launching a company with multi-state dermatologists

In order to launch and scale Skintap, Giandoni had to build a network of dermatologists who could see patients across the United States. To start, he built up a team of three providers, but they had limited practice coverage. Without providers licensed in multiple states, Skintap would only be able to serve a small number of patients, and the business would not be able to grow rapidly.

However, licensing providers in additional states is an expensive and painstaking process that requires an abundance of time and expertise.

With neither on his side, licensing became one more burden and obstacle Giandoni would have to deal with in his quest to not only launch Skintap, but to also make virtual access to personalized skin care a reality.

Selecting a provider network platform with immense visibility

Giandoni knew that he wanted a partner that deeply understood the licensing process and a platform that brought extreme visibility and expediency. He also wanted a partner he could trust to communicate licensing requirements directly to his providers and who would take the burden off him and his team to follow up with the various state boards for updates on their licenses. With Medallion, he found a partner that fit all his needs, as well as enabled him to fully launch his business.

Launching a company is difficult. Fortunately navigating medical licensure was not something we had to tackle.

Getting 3 providers licensed in 15+ states in less than 4 months

Skintap was able to get their three providers licensed in over 15 states in less than four months—without headache and well before their launch date.

Skintap's providers were onboarded quickly and efficiently to Medallion's platform due to its CAQH integration. This integration enabled Medallion to pull provider's profile information from CAQH into Medallion removing nearly all of the manual data entry.

Medallion completely and seamlessly streamlined the licensing processes across all states, and we were able to license our staff in over 15 states in under 4 months.

Without Medallion, I can confidently say we would still be bogged down in figuring out each state's licensing requirements, communicating those requirements to our providers, and then following up with the various boards for status updates on the licenses.

  • We received a number of licenses very quickly – as in three providers in 15 states in under four months.

    William Giandoni Co-founder

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