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Contract with payers and enroll providers with fewer denials

From negotiations to enrollments, streamlined your process to increase patient reach and realize new revenue faster.

Why payer contracting and enrollments are easier with Medallion


Score more contracts in record time

Lean on a team with 30+ years of payer experience to protect your company from risky terms.

Effortlessly enroll providers, fast

Solve the problem of getting your providers in-network with any commercial and government payer from beginning to end.

Built on modern infrastructure

Leverage a single platform built from the ground up to expedite provider onboarding, streamline communication, and highlight real-time turnaround times, analytics and more.
  • Without Medallion, we would have had to hire another person. Medallion frees up 10-15% of our team's time.

    Raj Inamdar Director, MSO affiliate Read case study
  • Medallion's platform is very intuitive, and we have very few providers reaching out asking for help.

    Matt Ortiz Vice President of Payor Strategy and Relations Read case study
  • I would recommend Medallion to anyone in clinical operations.

    Irina Shtemler Clinical Network Operations Lead Read case study
  • We’re really excited that Medallion has streamlined our credentialing process.

    Jared Simon President Read case study