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Medallion introduces continuing education (CE) tracking to provide end-to-end license management to provider networks

Healthcare organizations can now manage their provider network’s licensing needs from one integrated platform while reducing time spent on administrative tasks for their providers.

Medallion announced the addition of CE Tracking to help healthcare companies have visibility into how providers are advancing toward their license requirements.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 19, 2022 - Medallion, the modern provider network management platform, today announced the addition of CE Tracking, a module that enables healthcare companies to have visibility into how their providers are advancing toward their license requirements, save time for administrators as they no longer need to create and maintain their own CE system of records, and give their providers more time for patient care with auto-populated CE requirements specific to their state and license type.

CE is a mandatory requirement for providers to stay abreast of the latest advancements within their specialty, and it requires providers to complete education hours to get or maintain their license. However, CE tracking and management is a difficult and time-consuming process for those in healthcare operations to manage and oversee.

“Launching CE Tracking was a no-brainer for us,” says Derek Lo, CEO and Founder of Medallion. “From day one, we built a platform to enable fast and seamless cross-state licensing and license renewal. But we didn’t have the visibility our customers wanted to granularly manage CE requirements and track providers’ progress against those requirements. We built CE Tracking to solve the pain points we knew our customers and their providers were facing while also ensuring we reduced administrative burden for both.”

Completing CE requirements has traditionally been owned and managed by a provider which often leaves little visibility for their employers. Beyond visibility, it also creates extra work for providers who are licensed in multiple states to manage myriad requirements and deadlines. This can often lead to difficulty for operation teams to obtain additional licenses or renew existing licenses in advance of their expiration date.

“Medallion’s CE Tracking gives me a single platform to manage our credentialing processes while also providing deeper visibility into my provider network,” says Samuel Brown, Senior Credentialing Specialist at Level2. “In a streamlined interface, it outlines the specific requirements applicable to a provider’s license and enables either administrators or providers to simply upload CE certificates to fulfill those requirements. It even intelligently applies CE hours to multiple states automatically. It’s a quick and streamlined workflow, and it gives my team and me the ability to have real-time visibility into how a provider is progressing toward fulfilling their requirements.”

With Medallion CE Tracking, healthcare companies can:

  • Unify and streamline CE tracking across medical and nursing specialties in all 50 states and Washington D.C. (Behavioral health specialties coming soon).
  • Leverage auto-generated personalized CE goals that clearly define the CE requirements for each state.
  • Apply CE credits automatically across multiple state requirements when applicable.
  • Receive automated reminders and send automated reminders to providers about upcoming license renewals with unfilled CE requirements (coming soon).
  • Provide value to their providers by offering CE course suggestions (coming soon).

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