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A faster, more efficient way to get providers licensed

Remove the guesswork from the licensure process and scale your organization without hassle.

Medallion works with hundreds of provider groups and health systems, payers, and digital health companies.

Let go of the cumbersome paperwork

Boost your provider onboarding process with a single platform designed from scratch. Streamline communication and gain insights through real-time analytics. Elevate your efficiency and turnaround times with the direct CAQH integration offered by the Medallion Core platform.

Get stress-free licensing in any state

Lean on automated workflows and a veteran team to overcome complex and diverse state regulations, telehealth policies and licensing portability issues, making your licensing process smooth and efficient.

Broaden your patient reach

Request new licenses in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands at the click of a button. With our integration, digital fingerprinting and expert licensing specialists, we have successfully completed over 29,000 licenses.

Automate intricate state license verifications

Skip the manual labor required to verify each license against state-specific rules and requirements. We ensure your team is always fully licensed and ready to serve your patients.

Maintain visibility of your licenses at all times

Our real-time status tracking gives you a clear view of your license requests' status at any given moment.

Make an impact with full support from a skilled team

Our operations team takes care of all the hard work, from form filling to liaising with state boards, allowing you to focus on providing excellent patient care and healthcare accessibility.

Always-on license renewals

Stay compliant and patient care delivery-ready with Medallion's automated license renewals. We alert you 90 days in advance, ensuring no interruptions — no effort required.
  • We received a number of licenses very quickly – as in three providers in 15 states in under four months.

    William Giandoni CO-FOUNDER Read case study
  • Medallion's platform is very intuitive, and we have very few providers reaching out asking for help.

    Matthew Ortiz Vice President of Payor Strategy and Relations Read case study
  • I would recommend Medallion to anyone in clinical operations.

    Irina Shtemler Clinical Network Operations Lead Read case study
  • Without Medallion, we would have had to hire another person. Medallion frees up 10-15% of our team's time.

    Raj Inamdar Director, MSO affiliate Read case study

Ready to free yourself from spreadsheets and complicated workflows?