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Get new state licenses for providers faster

When it comes to getting providers licensed in new states, Medallion does it faster than other solutions.

Medallion works with hundreds of

Streamline your licensure process with industry-leading speed and accuracy.

  • 10xOn average, 10X annual ROI

  • 78%less time on operations

  • 4.3days on average to onboard providers

Get an automated solution that alleviates provider and operational burdens

New license requests

Request a license with a single click

Eliminate the guesswork and confusion using our smart request panel that auto-populates all provider and administrator tasks and requirements by state.

Tailored requirements

Resolve 100% of the license verification legwork

Get tailored, vetted requirements by state and provider type to eliminate wasteful administrative work.

Integrated tools

Save providers time with bundled tasks and digital fingerprinting

Reduce provider onboarding processing times with quick and secure online notarization and fingerprinting, and bundled task management.

Application filling

Automate application filling to reduce errors

Accelerate application completion using our automated state license application form-mapping across hundreds of state boards.

Get full transparency into license requests

See every step of the way with detailed progress updates, roadblocks, and estimated steps remaining to completion, helping you better predict a provider's readiness to work and capacity plan with greater precision.

Eliminate cumbersome provider onboarding manual work

Medallion’s direct CAQH integration speeds up turnaround times by automatically importing data to fill 70% of a provider’s profile.

Keep informed with real-time analytics, custom reports and dashboards

Stay up to date with your licensing operations by monitoring new licenses completed, request status, and upcoming renewals and expirations — all updated in real time.

Effortless compliance through automation

With automated quality assurance protocols tailored to meet specific industry and jurisdictional regulations, Medallion understands and anticipates licensing and compliance needs, keeping your operation consistently ahead of the curve.

Streamline state board processes for faster results

Medallion integrates continuous monitoring and expert-backed automated workflows, cutting through diverse state regulations and accelerating your journey from application to approval.

In order to continue launching in new states, Medallion was the right solution to help us efficiently grow.

Curai Health Team

I would recommend Medallion to anyone in clinical operations.

Irina Shtemler Clinical Network Operations Lead

Medallion's platform is very intuitive, and we have very few providers reaching out asking for help.

Matthew Ortiz Vice President of Payor Strategy and Relations

Triple your provider operations’ speed and performance today