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Maximize revenue with new payer contracts

Increase patient coverage and revenue by contracting with insurance payers. Share your goals, and we'll handle the rest – from initial outreach to contract finalization.

Medallion works with hundreds of provider groups and health systems, payers, and digital health companies.

Say goodbye to the headache of contract negotiations

Let Medallion handle it all - from the initial outreach to tracking down the right people to speak with, managing shifting requirements and negotiating on your behalf. So you can focus on what matters - growing your business.

Reduce administrative time and resources

Leave the negotiating to us. Let our experienced team handle the heavy lifting of contracting with new payer networks, saving you time and resources.

Stay in the know every step of the way

Get weekly or bi-weekly updates across status, renewals, deadlines or additional criteria from Medallion's expert team, so you're always aware about where things stand.

Scale with enrollments and contracting in one place

Significantly increase patient access and revenue for your business by bringing payer enrollments and contracting together on one trusted platform.
  • Medallion's platform is very intuitive, and we have very few providers reaching out asking for help.

    Matthew Ortiz Vice President of Payor Strategy and Relations Read case study
  • We received a number of licenses very quickly – as in three providers in 15 states in under four months.

    William Giandoni CO-FOUNDER Read case study
  • I would recommend Medallion to anyone in clinical operations.

    Irina Shtemler Clinical Network Operations Lead Read case study

Ready to free yourself from spreadsheets and complicated workflows?