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Unify provider credentialing, enrollment and monitoring in one platform

Reduce task time by 71%, slash verification times in half and end risk. Get what you need to run your provider network without any of the back and forth.

Medallion works with hundreds of

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations daily

  • 69K+Providers on our platform.

  • 500K+Hours of administrative work saved.

  • 102K+Credentials, enrollments and licenses completed.

Simplify and unite every part of your provider operations


Enrollment workflows

Credentialing workflows


Extend credentialing beyond "instant"

Get 1-day credentialing file delivery and instant primary source verifications with a nearly 100% accuracy guarantee. Manage your entire workflow with software and an NCQA-certified CVO.

Convert more applications into revenue opportunities

Easily request new provider enrollments with our intelligent payer search. Our powerful automation engine enhances your enrollment workflows by 3X, providing deeper visibility and faster results.

Less busywork, more clarity

Our direct CAQH integration and automated verifications streamline provider data imports and onboarding. This way you're equipped to move through each step of the provider journey faster and with less effort.

A cohesive, powerful easy-to-use platform

Get all your applications, verifications, committee reviews, re-credentialing and compliance working together. Boost team efficiency by removing scattered data and manual tasks.

Free up provider task time by 250%

Medallion helps you increase retention and revenue with a real-time, transparent and understandable process, without the pain of building it yourself.

Ready to see Medallion in action?